From the start in 2009, SOSUCCA has been a volunteer-driven organization. For the first five years, programs were run without any paid staff and then run for almost 5 years with only 3 paid staff person. As the organization now moves towards creating larger impacts for disadvantages groups in South Sudan, a growing office to handle day-to-day operations is in close communication with the governance board. As SOSUCCA experiences great growth, volunteers continue to play key roles throughout the organization. Volunteer activities include participating in our work, to spreading the word about SOSUCCA, securing new members, and overseeing SOSUCCA’s investments. SOSUCCA Board and committee members donate their services to the organization with no payment for time, travel or expenses incurred, Fundraise for the organization.

As a SOSUCCA member, you can volunteer in the following ways. Please contact office for further information on any or all of these roles.

  1. Take on special role in support of SOSUCC

You may want to serve as a proposal writer for  grants, assist in planning a special event, or offer your expertise in peace building, governance, HIV/AIDS , Youth and Women economic empowerment, Human Resources , information technology, or strategic planning to the Board or to the SOSUCCA office located in Yei and Juba South Sudan.

2. Serve as SOSUCCA’s International Contact

SOSUCCA relies on International Contacts who assist the organization by conducting outreach in their particular countries and regions and collect funds for SOSUCCA in the local currency.  We are currently seeking to have contacts in Germany, Ireland, Japan, USA, UK, Netherlands, and Scotland and we are looking to expand into other countries.

3. Conduct outreach on behalf of SOSUCCA

We rely on knowledgeable volunteers to spread the word about SOSUCCA by talking to a variety of groups who share our interest. This includes outreach to individuals who might become members or donors.