Throughout the past six years of existence, SOSUCCA has collaborated with over 7 partner organizations and implemented over 12 community projects. SOSUCCA’s key programs Areas are:

  1.  Capacity building of SOSUCCA mainly aimed at reviewing and enhancing the organization’s policies, structure, functions, as well as management and administration so as to improve SOSUCCA’s administrative and socio-economic activities programmes.
  2. Livelihoods and agriculture services targeting community capacity building and empowerment through training, extension services and provision of basic inputs to enhance income generation activities, marketing and other related off-farm socio-economic activities
  3. Civic Education focusing mainly on advocacy, peace building awareness creation on the rights of citizenry on the issues of national constitution making, voter education and training of election monitors, transitional justice and enlightenment on the existing Acts/Bill of Rights aimed at improving the community decision-making process.
  4. Health with emphasis on HIV/AIDS awareness raising, prevention and control, water and sanitation as well as hygiene practices and malaria control and prevention. This is an integrated approach.
  5. Protection (Gender mainstreaming, GBV, and child protection).  This aims at improving access, response and promotion of services to GBV survivors, child abuse victims.
  6. Peace building which seeks to create awareness on national dialogue initiative, grassroots peace efforts through focus group discussions, school clubs and drama performances.

Areas of operation:

SOSUCCA is a national NGO which is mandated to operate across the country but currently operates in former Central Equatoria (Yei, Morobo, Lainya and Juba) Western Equatoria (Mundri and Tambura, Eastern Equatoria, Magwui-Nimule and Jongle state in Bor only


  Strengthening  Youth participation in Peace                                       Building and Social  Cohesion in South Sudan 2019 Het X-Y Actiefonds 18,000 Ongoing
  Human Rights Protection 2019 Urgent Action Fund-Africa 4300 Ongoing
  Speak For Peaceful South Sudan  2 days 2018 CIVICUS 3000 completed
  Training Youth and Women on nonviolent approaches in Mundri 2018 AJ Muste Memorial Institute 4000 completed
  Linkages in Yei 2018 Intrahealth 128,537 completed
  Community HIV/AIDS Project 2010 PSI 3600 Completed successful
  Community Based Livestock project 2014 GlobalGiving 7000 Successful
  Trauma healing project in Yei 2016 APF 5,000 Completed successful
  Awareness creation on HIV/AIDS through drama 2011 PSI 7200 Completed successful
  Community led total sanitation 2011 PSI 3600 Completed successful
  Condom Promotion project 2012 PSI 18000 Completed successful
  Malaria Campaign program   PSI 5,000 Completed successful
  children and youths initiative for sexual reproductive health   2012 HIV/AID International Alliance through IPCS 10000 Completed successful
  Global Youth Service Days 2013 Youth Service America 1000 Completed successful
  Global day of citizen’s Action 2014 CIVICUS 1000 Completed successful
  Youth as agent of peace 2014 Alie and Kicking In kind Completed successful
  Empowering Vulnerable women through knowledge and Awareness to Address Violence Against Women. 2013,2014 British Council 4000 Completed successful
  Enhancing FSW Capacity to prevent HIV/AIDs spread in Yei County 2015 USAID through Pact South Suda 19,000 Completed successful
  Engagement with CSOs and Community on signed peace agreement 2015 Justice Africa 9000 Completed successful
  Linkages 2016 PACT 50,650 completed
  Increasing youth engagement in peace building initiatives in Yei 2016 APF 10,200 completed
  Global Awareness on citizen action 2016 CIVICUS 3500 completed
  Strengthen SOSUCCA capacity 2016 USAID/FARM  95,200   Completed successful
  Linkages 2017 Intra Health 68,500 Completed successful
  Many more